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I am passionate about the practice of supervision as I believe it plays a vital and integral role in both the training of psychotherapists and the on-going clinical work of qualified psychotherapists and can be very effective in building the confidence and competence of the therapist. I have a particular interest in how your supervision can enable you to enhance your clinical practice.

I am a contributing author to "The Art of Relational Supervision" ( published by Routledge 2016) edited by Helena Hargaden, where the use of self within the therapeutic and supervisory relationship is explored.

I believe it is important to use a variety of approaches within my supervisory practice. These include:

Acquiring skills
Building and honing confidence
Establishing your identity as a therapist
Learning treatment planning
Addressing countertransference issues
Applying theory to clinical practice

Generally, I view supervision in three stages:


I help the supervisee to think of the client as an individual, whilst developing diagnosis skills and treatment planning. This is alongside developing and refining skills in observation and how these relate to your theoretical framework. I believe that the support of therapeutic skills and a building of confidence at this stage helps the supervisee to absorb a good foundation in some of the "how to's" in psychotherapy. I am very keen to help develop the therapist's own potential and skills. I also invite the supervisee to think about the dynamics between themselves and their clients, using an in-depth exploration of their observational skills. I also reflect on any parallel processes between the supervisee and myself.


At this stage, the work is focused on helping the supervisee establish their own identity, whilst honing their therapeutic approach. We may use self-evaluation for example. I may also use contracting here in order to define what the supervisee really wants to focus on. I use both treatment planning and explore options for therapeutic interventions. I aim for a consolidation of learning here and also look at areas of growth, self reflection and self awareness. I may focus on countertransference relating to each client as I see the use of self as our most vital tool in psychotherapy.


At this stage, I focus on the supervisee's growing awareness of the intersubjectivity between themselves and their clients. The focus is less on theory and more on the dynamics in the room with the client, this includes a reflection on unconscious processes between therapist and client. I often work creatively in supervision, using metaphor and stories, for example, as a way of developing an insight and understanding of the client's internal world.

At all stages, I offer what I see as the essential aspects of supervision, namely: Strategies, Safety of the client and a Shame free environment in which clinicians can reflect on their work with their clients.

As an accredited PTSTA (Provisional Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst) I offer individual and group clinical supervision to both trainee counsellors and psychotherapists and qualified practitioners, offering support for both clinical practice and academic work. I have a Certificate and Diploma in Supervision.

I am an affiliated supervisor at the Metanoia Institute.

Please contact me if you are interested in the supervision I offer.

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